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  1. Hello Nurses!

    My name is Nurse Smiley! I want to introduce myself as a newly licensd LVN to your community and to say "Thank You" for letting me read your postings since I was in my junior year of nursing school. All of your contributions were most helpful to me during school and for passing the NCLEX the first time. I accepted a job offer at a hospital here in S.F. and I will start in a few weeks. I am glad to be here!

    Nurse Smiley
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    welcome to the site
  4. by   donsterRN
    Welcome to All Nurses; we're glad you joined us!
  5. by   Nurse Smiley
    Thank you and good luck in Arizona!
    Nurse Smiley
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    Hi Don3218,
    Thank you and have a nice day!
    Nurse Smiley
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  8. by   Nurse Smiley
    Hi Tweety,
    Twank You wery much! LOL. Have a nice week!