Hello!! Also asking for some feedback...

  1. I stumbled along this site in search for answers to alot of questions that I have regarding the whole selection process of prospective nursing students and all I can say is...WOW!! What a wealth of knowledge!

    I am 34, have 3 kids ages 13, 10, and 4, and have been married for 15 years. I went to school and took most of my pre-nursing classes before the birth of my third child and now that he is going into kindergarten next year, it's time for me to get back on the wagon! I'm currently competing (yes, I said competing) for a slot in a new nursing program that our large local hospital is starting new. With this program you get full tuition paid, plus supplies, lab fees, etc. in exchange for your commitment to work for 3 yrs. immediately following graduation. Personally, I think this is an incredible opportunity. The problem is they are only taking 40. I passed the first test in the process of selection, which is the great news, but I have no idea what else lies ahead of me other than I know I will have to take the NET. I know that in our testing group alone for the first test, there were at least 50 people and they had 4 or 5 other testing groups before mine so finding out how many more are left to weed out is what scares me. I am to attend an informative meeting tomorrow evening to find out more in the next steps, but I am literally racking my brain and trying to get an idea of what other programs require in their selection process. I'm sure I will probably be interviewed, but if any of you have any other thoughts on this, I would greatly appreciate your feedback!!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good luck! Welcome!
  4. by   EricJRN
    Good luck with the admissions process! Are you thinking of applying other places if this one doesn't work out? Or you're just wondering about other programs?
  5. by   Monica D
    I had already registered for the entrance exam to an LPN program the day before I took this test for this program, so if this one doesn't work out, I have a test date scheduled for that. I really didn't know much about this RN program when I went to test for it. My sister-in-law told me about it, we registered for this first test and took it and it wasn't until after I took the test that I found out exactly what an excellent opportunity this really is. Sad thing is, my sister-in-law didn't pass the first test. What I would like to know from other people is what kinds of steps did they're programs put them through before being accepted, just so I can get some kind of idea what I may still have ahead of me.

    Thank you for the warm welcome!!
  6. by   nurseangel47
    Hi and welcome, Monica D