Hello all from the Chicster!!

  1. hello.........i am new to this site....and i wanted to say hello...i am an lpn in florida..working as a home health nurse full time. i love my work..i have been in this field a long time and have done many things. i have worked in settings from birth..to death...and everwhere in between..but this is by far my favorite. home health is wonderful!!
    so hello hello from the state where the sun never stops shining...well,unless we have a hurricane..but that is fun...i am wierd..i know..
    have a wonderful day...
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    I'm from a snow state, love to ride the snow mobiles. Michigan is the state I call home and I'm doing 4 pre-req's for the RN program. Saw your post and just wanted to say Hi:typing

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    Welcome to the site, chicahloon!
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    Nice to have you with us!