Hello all...a nurse from Louisiana.....

  1. Hi everyone! I am Laura. I have nursing experience for 10 years. I started out graduating college at the University of New Orleans, going to LPN school, then obtaining my RN. I have been a nurse for 10 years. I have experience in almost every area of the hospital, and have worked mainly in med/surg. I am now changing job fields and heading to case managment, as the med/surg patients are more ill, and the staffing gets worse. I feel like another nurse being forced out of bedside nursing for the inability of management to allow me to give the care my patients deserve. I have found this website, and hope to get some guidance and some opinions, of how the nursing field has changed. I am a very optimistic person, just don't feel like I can do my job like I used to....
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    Welcome to All Nurses, Laura.....I'm Kim, just a lowly student! LOL!
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    Hi! Welcome! Nice to meet you. Good luck in case management.
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    Welcome to allnurses! I love New Orleans, but being a small town girl... I think I'd be terrified to live in a city that big! :chuckle