Hello all.

  1. i hope i am not crazy. in the last week i quit a $100k+ job, took a job as a nursing assistant and signed up for classes to start working toward my rn. anyway, i just wanted to say hello to everybody.

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  3. by   athena55
    Hello CPT Syd:
    Nah, you're not crazy, you're just going for your dream/goal....I would think, if your family is like MY family, they think you're crazy for "giving up a good paying job" for a ____ (fill in the blank)
    Welcome to All Nurses....You will find support, warmth and friendship here
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Hi and welcome

    If it is something you really want to do then no you are not crazy. Good luck and don't forget to check out the student section. Good luck in your journey
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