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  1. Hello, my name is Deana and I am from Bermuda. I am planning on studing Surgical Technology in Rhode Island next year. The only problem is that they only allow RN's to perform all functions of a Surgical Tech. I don't know why because by the time I complete the course I would have worked in 2-3 different site hospitals assisting Surgeons during Operations and the like. So what I would like to know for all you RN's is what program can I join that is based on an Operating Room Nurse. I will still do the Surgical Tech program than go on the do Nursing. Is there any particular program you have to enter? Do you have to do the basic Nursing degree first b4 you go in to do Surgical nursing? ANy particular schools I could attend preferably in RI or Boston area? I'm trying to do my research on-line but I thought I'll try my luck with you all.

    Can anyone help me please. you can send me and e-mail if you like.

    Thanks in advance
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    Good luck to you. Welcome!