1. Good Morning,

    I was online wondering about and working on my CEU's for my FL license requirements and found reference here when I googled it. Lo and behold there was a post by someone named Tweety with a link right to the state requirements. Thanks, Tweety. I'm gonna go back over there and ask a question but I just wanted to say hi first and tell all y'all, 'Good Morning and Power to the Nurses!' God bless us all and all our patients too, in whatever trials we may be experiencing!

    I'm happy to be surfin' redbeathe with y'all! :redpinkhe

    PS-I really really love emoticons and I notice y'all have some great ones here. smokin::yeahthat::trout::lghmky::bby::clphnds:

    PSS-Bet you couldn't guess, I love pediatrics! Most of my 20 years of nursing experience is in the pediatric preop holding area, nursery, and peds med/surg. I love older folks too, though, and also have experience in the skin cancer surgery area, as well. I graduated in 1984 from St. Pete College, and have worked mostly in Tennessee since then but am now also maintaining a FL license in case I decide to work/move here.
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    welcome to the site
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    Thank you, nursing friends. nurse:nurse:
    Thanks for the welcome in spite of all my emoticons!:urck:
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