1. hi everyone, my name is bee and i graduated may 2006 with my rn degree. i took the boards after studying for 4 months straight and still failed. i just recently paid to take the test again and am so scared of failing. its been so hard to get back up on the horse after falling off the first time. i read a lot of peoples messages and advice on here and was inspired. so thank you... this is a cool site.. i haven't picked my test date yet but plan to do so soon. i don't know where to begin on studying... fear of failure is getting the best of me, and the fact that i stink at tests anxiety is the problem, sweaty palms, shaking you name it.. but as a nurse when i was working as a gn my manager said only good things about me and that i was a wonderful nurse... i am excited because its been a dream of mine... i just reallly want to pass... any advice... first step of mine so far is getting saunders nclex review book... see how that will go... but from there i do not know... hope to talk to you all.. and thank you. bee
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    To allnurses!
    Wishing you the VERY best of luck in your second attempt.
    Try not to allow fear to overcome you. The worst thing about fear, is the fear itself! Believe in yourself and do all you can to remain calm.
    I'm sure you'll be just fine.
  4. by   Beeanurse
    Thank you for the inspiring words...I am going to give it my all...
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  6. by   Beeanurse
    Thank you...
  7. by   Tweety
    Good luck. Welcome to Allnurses!
  8. by   Beeanurse
    Thanks Tweety, cute icon. Good luck to you with school. I also had a countdown haha..
    Thanks Tweety..Cute ICON..
  9. by   lakerette01
    Hi! I too just took the NCLEX, and one thing that helped me was to take as many practice questions as I could. My nursing school friends and I all got different books and swaped them so we could more practice.

    Also not sure if you have time for this, but look into a review course, I took Hurst and it was great. I learned so much.

    Good Luck, and remember you are going to be a great, safe nurse!

  10. by   Beeanurse
    Thanks for the advice. I have my ATT, I have from now until April to take the test so I want to get at least a month of studying in. I did 4500 questions with Rationale last time, went to a review class, studied with friends and still managed to fail on my first attempt ARG!!! I am doing Suzanne4's program currently.. I will try just about anything. Just want to pass and get this behind me and start my career as a NURSE!!!! Can't wait... Wish me luck!!!