1. Just wanted to introduce myself. I am a 2nd year ADN student who is looking forward to graduating in May! I do plan to get my BSN and am exploring options for that, but I want to go ahead and get working first. I have been "lurking" on this site for a while now and enjoy reading the posts. There is so much experience here for me to learn from! Hmmm...let's see...what else about me... I am 36, a mother of 3 and wife of an active duty Marine. There are so many things I love about nursing that I can't wait to get out of school and start learning my job!

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    Hi there, DAJones..I, too, am new to the site and have been lurking the background reading until the drop down Brian added prompted me to join.
    I am glad that I did. Someday I'll become a premium member...
    Welcome to us! I, too, am in North Carolina
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    to you, DAJones. I'm new here, too.
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    Good luck! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. Welcome!