1. I am from Oklahoma. I have several years of varied nursing experiences: hospital candystriper in highschool; after HS grad. moved up to ward clerk/aide; gained experience in hospital reception/admissions/
    outpatient billing during staffing shortage; worked as a transcriptionist for medical records during nursing school; graduated RN in 1989! I Currently work in a rural family/internal medicine practice as a Physician Assistant, w/physician supervision 4 hr/wk. and I love it! The ability to share my nursing knowledge while guiding our patients in medical decision-making is awesome.[Too bad alot of docs can't figure this out!] I'd like to share with you what brought me to join this site:
    For the past six months I have BATTLED with my supervising doc over the fact that an unlicensed, inexperienced body, cannot perform the duties of a nurse! He's theory: "Anyone can do vitals and put patients in rooms and handle the stuff in a clinic!" He was determined not to hire a NURSE! [and he's an ER doc full-time!]
    So...... I took off for 2 days, leaving him alone with his 19 & 20 y/o do-it-all staff and a full schedule - yep! no RN/PA to do all his injections/billing corrections/referrals/patient contacts/venipunctures/
    specimen collections/ paps/education/staff mentoring, etc. Needless to say, he was not happy with his crew! Two days later, he let the nurse-wanna-be off d/t stomache ache (here 4 wks!) and failed to get a replacement - it was assumed that I'd do her part [b/c I'm an RN] / be the only medical provider for the day too! Well...I refused to see patient's until a NURSE was in the building!!! The big office manager nearly had a coronary! :smiley_ab We came face to face! Not a whole lot could be done about it b/c my doc was working ER that day! It took them about 2 1/2 hours to get a nurse there! I informed them all: "See how important a nurse is in a clinic? W/O a NURSE, the patients don't even get called back to an exam room!" Today...one week later, our first full-time nurse started - an RN! Hired personally by the doc! Although a member of the medical profession now, my roots remain in nursing. I'm glad to be aboard with you all! Hopefully, through all of you, I can stay current in nursing topics / happenings, and keep my roots visible! Thanks for being here!
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