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    :mortarboard: :mortarboard: off to all of you, it takes a very special person to work in the medical field, I am a MA/CNA, looking to finally go for my RN , it kills me that I didn't go straight into, being doing this for 14yrs, seen a little bit of everything, I've waited this long to finally figure out want I wanna be when I grow up,,,,so if any youngsters reading, don't pursue just a Cna or Ma, go for your RN,,,,,the waste your time,,,,go for the gusto. I am able to do what to perform some of the same duties as a nurse, even train a few to my clinic, but don't have the pay or letters behind my name,,,,so reach for the sky,,,,it is so unlimited in the medical field,,,,,,
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    Welcome, Nikki! Glad to have you here.
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    Nice post. Welcome!