1. Hello everyone........New to this site and I have to say this place is great!
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  3. by   lilbitloa
    hello to you too.
    i am not a nurse yet, but i have plans to eventually become one. i am apply today at my local community college and am giving myself a week to study for my "placement" test. i was a CNA for three years and hope to become a LPN and then eventually a RN. My children are 10 and 2 and my husband is very supportative. i am just a little nervouse because i am now 40 and have been out of school for 22 years. yikes!
    you are a nursery nurse. how precious. this site is sooo wonderful and full of information.
    enjoy your day.
  4. by   Tweety
    Thanks for stopping by the Intro. forum. I hope you enjoy the rest of the site.
  5. by   joyflnoyz

    let me guess... you work in a nursery?? LOL

    Enjoy the site.
  6. by   lindac65
    You go girl......!!! I am 41 and I've only been an LPN for a year and a half, I waited for my children to get older before i went back to school.....Good Luck!!!!!
  7. by   NurseryRN
    Thanks for the warm welcome.........