1. My name is Patricia but I'm called Peesha, a name given to me by my niece who could not say my name. A couple of years ago I decided to work towards a new career and here I am in my second semester working towards my goal of becoming a nurse. It is extremely stressful. Of course since I am no spring chicken :wink2: it is somewhat of a struggle.

    I am in a weekend program where I attend lectures on Thursday and Friday and do clinicals Friday and Saturday nights. I work Monday and Tuesdays, go to the lab on Wednensday. As you can see I have not time for anything else. It is now 2:35 on Saturday morning and I am working on preclinical paperwork and med sheets for clinicals tonight. I must go now because I want to get some sleep before I get up to study for a test which I'm taking on Thursday.

    Thanks for your time
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    Welcome. Good luck to you in school!
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    :groupwelcome: We're glad you're here!