1. Hi there, I am an adult pre-nursing student working on a research paper regarding bee venom therapy and it's use for those suffering with MS. If anyone has anything they would like to ask or share feel free.

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    Welcome to the site! That sounds like an interesting paper. I'm sure that some of our members will be along soon to help.
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    Interesting topic.

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    while not exactly the same thing, my mother had a snake venom treatment in flordia in the early 1980's. she started having ms symptoms in her mid 30's(classic), and was deterioting rapidly when my father had heard of this doctor doing this unusual treatment with a lot of success in flordia. the information that gets around in specific diease circles is amazing. so they pulled together $1500 dollars ( a pretty good pile of cash then) and drove to florida from minnesota for this treatment. when they get there they find out that the state had been trying to shut him down for years and that he had passed away 3 days before they got there. but since they had a prescription written before the doc died, the clinic administered the dose as they were closing up his clinic. when my mom left for florida, she was using a walker and in her late 30's. she was doing the classic stable/degenerating ms decline and we were terrified of losing her before she hit her mid 40's. today, she is still with us, still gets around with a walker and is in her 70's. my dad swears she regressed just a little after the snake venom treatment and has been stable ever since. she has definately had some health problems over the years, but those are related to her chrones diease, not the ms. our best guess ( dad, docs, nurses, me ) is that whatever auto-immuno issues cause ms were "shocked" or turned off or to normal functioning by the massive dose to the snake venom. i hope this helps. good luck with the education and contact me with any questions if you need more specific info, glb1960.
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    My DH's uncle had ALS and tried the snake venom. They sold almost all they had and moved to FL to have the treatments. It didn't help at all. My childhood friend with MS was an avid bee-therapy supporter. She did have some relenting of sx, but her MS was relapsing/remitting type.