1. I have been lurking and surfing allnurses for 8 years now. I enjoy everything it offers. To explain my username, I'm a sign language interpreter (part time--it gives me a break from the nursing), and a full time nurse (x15 years....I can't believe it's been 15.....sometimes I still feel new). For the past 4 years, I have worked in the PACU, and I luv it!!
    This website has helped me realize that the same ups and downs that I have experienced as a nurse are pretty much universal to anyone in this career.
    Great website!!
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    Hi & welcome to Allnurses! Glad you joined us.
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    Welcome. Glad you decided to join up!
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    welcome to allnurses.com! glad to meet you. i hope you drop by the mo state forum at: http://allnurse.com/forums/f157/ when you get a chance.