1. hello everyone. my name is michelle and i am new to this site. i am in my 3rd semester of nursing school. i am absolutely loving every minute of it. we had our first day of ob today and i saw 2 vag deliveries and a c-section. i have never seen any of it before so it was really great. really gets my maternal itch going though!
    i am a student at college of the desert in palm desert, ca. i was accepted into the regular "daytime" program and was anticipating starting it when i was contacted and offered a seat in the accelerated "evening/weekend" program. obviously i took the accelerated one. the only difference is that we go in the evenings (lecutres) and on the weekends (clinical) and we go straight through summer. we will finish 8 months ahead of the "daytime" class that we started with. it's great!
    our pinning ceremony will be may 1, 2006. we are all really excited...and terrified! :uhoh21: i have signed a contract at a local hospital here. i want to start in the er...i love the traumas! the bloodier, the better.
    anyway...any helpful hints you have would be greatly appreciated!:roll
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    welcome to the site. enjoy your stay and best wishes to you.
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    Hi there....I'm in Desert Hot Springs and thinking about College of the Desert....I'm an LVN....how long is the wait list at this college??

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    [font="fixedsys"]hi there & welcome aboard!!!
    it is great to hear that you are loving school!!!
    we have lots of students here, and you can get great advice.
    good luck with school!!
    glad to have you here!

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    Hi there and welcome!