1. Hi Everyone,

    I've been a fan of this site for several years now, so I figured it was time to sign up and introduce myself!

    I'm a (relatively) new RN, having graduated from an ADN program last December. Before that, I spent four (ish) years as an LPN, and four as a CNA before that. My background is exclusively in LTC, but I'm about to take on a position as a CM with Hospice home care next month. I'm also working on my BSN, hoping to graduate in May if I can keep my sanity intact that long.

    I have a lot going on career-wise right now, so I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and taking in all of the words of wisdom you have to offer.

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  3. by   PotatoRN
    I'm new to allnurses too, just saying hello!
    Goodluck as you work on that BSN, I too am working to finish a degree.Working+school is always a tough road, I'm with ya there!