Happy New Years!

  1. happy new years! 2007

    i am expecting this to be the best year of my life as i begin my year as a nursing student at olympic college in shelton wa.

    i love my job as a nures aid/med-tech. my work is mainly in geriatrics.
    i am a 46 year old recently divorced mother of eight so i really need to start earning better wages in order to survive. but my heart is absolutly in caring and loving the people i work for and with.

    my attitude in life is be your best, look for the best in others, and leave a positive mork on those lives that your life effects. i like to encourage others as well as be encouraged.

    i look forward to sharing this web-site with my fellow class-mates. i hope to see their postings here this year.

    best wishes throughout this new and glorious year!

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  3. by   Tweety
    Great attitude. Good luck! Welcome!