Happy Holidays!

  1. Hello all. I'm new to this board and loving all the great threads here. I've been an LPN for 11 years. I've worked medsurg, tele and am currently in ICU. I'm in school full-time doing the LPN-RN transition. I'll be done August 3rd! After Christmas break only 7 more months!!! Woohoo!

    About that screenname.. yes, I am a little jaded and I can't wait to have more options open up when I finally complete my RN. I'd like to do some traveling too. Any suggestions on a good travel nursing company?
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  3. by   Tweety

    Welcome to ALlnurses! Glad to see you went Premium. I hope you join us in the breakroom for some relaxation or in the blogs.
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    Welcome aboard! Congrats on your success in school.