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  1. Greetings to veteran nurses and those new to the nursing arena,

    I submitted a response to a nurse from the Phillipines moments ago; but my son was telling me to post it on this channel. So here I am for the first time on this sight to say hello. Nursing was a field I explored after my own critical care experience as a patient over 28 years ago.

    We need more direct-care RNs! Where are they??? I am proposing to retire in October 2008 to complete a 30-year career. In my later years (there is longevity in our family with a great-aunt at 95 or more; and a great-grandfather who passed away at 102 years of age), I hope to have a nurse that has time for me! I fervently hope that nurseatient ratios can be reduced to 1:4 nationally to save as many as 72,000 lives annually. This stat was cited from "Medical Care, Journal of the American Public Health Association" in August 2005.

    And improved RN-to-patient ratios reduce rates of pneumonia, urinary infections, shock, cardiac arrest, gastrointestinal bleeding, and other adverse outcomes (New England Journal of Medicine, May 30,2002).

    I have an only daughter who works in a family practice clinic; she is interested in the nursing curriculum, but conveys no way she could work as a direct-care nurse. Please support registered nurses to have a stronger voice for patient advocacy and let's endeavor to reduce the ratios for the growing geriatric population
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    I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. I'm sure with your experience you'll be an asset here and I hope to see you posting often. Welcome!
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    I totally agree with you. Welcome to Allnurses!