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    I just started nursing school this semester at the University of Dubuque. I already have a B.S. in Biology, but decided to go back for nursing. We started clinicals last week, very exciting! This morning, I shadowed a home health nurse. The second pt. we saw the nurse had to draw blood for labs. I really wanted to watch her do it, so I pulled up a chair to see the procedure. Right after she poked him, she couldn't find the vein. She was fishing around in there for about 15 sec, the pt. was wincing, and I felt myself get really lightheaded! I had to back away and sit down to avoid fainting. When she pulled the needle out and went for another site, this time getting the vein right away, I started to feel a little bit better. Im not sure what set me off? The thought of the pt in pain or the thought of me having to do the sticking at some point in the future?? Anyway, it has me a little bit worried about future clinicals. I have never had a problem with blood or needles before. In fact, just last month I volunteered at the Red Cross and spent time talking to people while they were giving blood to keep their minds off of the needle. I hope this doesn't happen regularly! Anyone have any advice????
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  3. by   Tweety
    It gets better with practice. Just don't forget to breathe and you're o.k.

    Good luck!