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  1. Greetings, everyone. I have a feeling I'll be a frequent visitor to allnurses, so I figure I should introduce myself. I am currently a 3rd year student at the University of Kansas, pursuing a BA in Spanish, and decided last Wednesday that after I graduate I'm going to go to nursing school and get my BSN. I'm very excited about the prospect of being a nurse, and everyone I've mentioned it to so far (including a nurse or two) has told me it fits me perfectly, which really boosts my confidence.

    My ideal plan is to find a school that offers a BSN program designed for people with a Bachelor's so I can get my BSN in two years. I've been looking and some schools offer a specific "accelerated" track for this population, but really anywhere that will accept the prerequirements I've accumulated at KU will do just fine. I'm *thinking* about going to school in California, where I'm from, so I can pay in-state tuition. If anyone has some great places I should check into, I'd greatly appreciate the tip. I'm trying to gather as much information about this as humanly possible.

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