Greetings from a pre-RN student!

  1. Greetings, folks.

    I am 33, and starting the prerequisite classes this semester.

    I'm a generation-x dotcom person, and during the heyday of the dotcoms, did various jobs from software test engineer to web developer to production artist.

    I recently decided to become a nurse.
    I am really, really into medicine in a "geeky" kind of way - I'm the blogger at During my time in the dotcoms, I spent most of my day reading the Yahoo! Health and Diseases directory.

    After deciding to give in and go into health care, I kept taking classes - phlebotomy (which is very hard to break into in California), EMS, EKG interpretation. I also volunteered in an ER for a while (I'm moving, so plan to change ERs) and in the short term, I want to be an ER tech. I'm a licensed EMT, but want to work in the hospital more than on the field. I love the hospital environment.

    I was about to add on yet another certification when I realized I should just become an RN, instead of add on five more certifications .

    I used to think I wanted to be a doctor, but nurse practicioner sounds a lot better to me, down the road; I actually want to start a family soon, and I have too many hobbies that I can't live without to possibly be happy during residency. As long as I'm in a field where I can contribute something to the sum total of knowledge, I will be happy.

    In addition:
    I'm a big sci fi geek. I'm active off and on in various science fiction communities and hope to get an art display up at a convention, soon.

    I'm a big science and tech buff, but too gregarious to be a research scientist, engineer or computer type (I've tried). As long as I'm in a field where I get to interact with people as well as use scientific knowledge and technology, I will be happy, and nursing seems like a good candidate.

    What is the social environment like with nursing, generally? Is there a lot of corporate mentality/water-cooler type environment? I haven't really enjoyed corporate jobs. It seems like with nursing, there's a variety of environments I could work in.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    hi, fascinoma!

    where are you in california? i'm in the l.a. area. my original nursing program was done down in palm desert. i went back a few years later and finished up my bsn at an eastern college. you're very fortunate to be in california as the tuition at the community colleges, if that is where you are planning to go, is very, very reasonable. most other students are having to pay big time tuition for their nursing educations. i am very curious to hear what governor schwarzenegger is going to have to say about healthcare in his state of the state address coming up. supposedly he is asking healthcare leaders to come up with a plan so that every citizen of our state will be able to receive healthcare. this should be an interesting proposal!

    you won't find a problem getting a job as an rn in california, particularly in certain areas. hospital work for rns is stressful though. as you might be aware, there are big corporations that own chains of hospitals. what i found over the years, however, is that a place is only as good as the people you have immediate contact with. you will generally hear a lot of moaning about jcaho compliance, but without it our healthcare systems would probably be in pretty bad shape. medicare had to do something to get healthcare providers whipped into shape and jcaho was one way to do it. you will also find that with most jobs there are always policies and procedures that have to be followed.

    all these things get discussed on the various forums. some at quite an emotional level. hope you enjoy your time here. make sure you check out the nursing student forums. you will find weblinks there to help with some of your classes. of course, anything you can add is always appreciated. here is a listing of the nursing student forums on allnurses: hope you see you there.

    welcome to allnurses!
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    Welcome to Allnurses. Good luck to you.