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  1. Greetings all! I'm UrAbon from Southern California. I am new to this board so hope this does not show up as a double post but I could not find the one I just posted. I have been an RN,BSN for about 20 years and have worked mainly Med/Surg and House Supervisor. I am just now attempting to obtain my ACLS and am registered for some prep classes. Since many of you have ACLS, I was hoping you could guide me as to what I should focus on the most so I pass successfully. I have volumes of information and if any experienced ACLS RN can give me some tips as to the HARDCORE stuff I REALLY need to know in order to pass. If you know of any websites you found helpful, I would certainly be interested in that as well. It has been a long time since I have had any kind of intense course of study, so any help I can get would be greatly appreciated. I am a newbie at reading EKGs and still feel a little shaky about that and, again, have volumes of information I wish a professional could streamline to help me get a foothold into obtaining this certification which is very important to me. And please feel free if you simply want to Email me to say "Hi" and wish me luck . . . or suggest a lucky charm to bring . . . or a mantra to repeat. I'm open to suggestions and thanks for allowing me to introduce myself to you. Thanks all, UrAbon :studyowl:
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    Welcome. Try doing a search of this website. This topic has been covered before on this website.

    When I took ACLS the instructors were very good at making sure we knew exactly how to pass and what to know. Not one person failed. Good luck to you.