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    I was recently accepted into an ADN program at my local community college! I found AN when I was researching different areas of the job that I might someday be interested in, and I found so much helpful information on this site, such as how to survive my classes, and insights as to what my future career might be like.

    A little history about me, I was a licensed massage therapist. I loved that career, but unfortunately was unsuccessful in my area in being able to create a steady income (there just isn't much demand for the field here). I worked at a gas station for almost 6 years to provide additional income, during this time I gave birth to my two sons. I have considered being a nurse before, but didn't think I was capable for some reason. A lot of this has to do with my attempt to be a CNA at a nursing home, which I worked 3rd shift. I liked the job because I was helping people, but feel that LTC isn't for me. This is when I got pregnant with my first son, and I had recently lost my father to suicide. I was going through stuff, and with my pregnancy I was unable to continue working overnight (I was 6 months in and wasn't adjusting well). I talked to someone about it at work, and they refused to switch my shift for me. Unfortunately I made a terrible decision to abandon that job. I need to mention that the environment there was totally toxic on the overnight shift as well, which wasn't helping. But it has been nearly 10 years since then, and I am working on changing my life for the better.

    Well, after much thought I wanted to give nursing a try. Because of my past experience in massage, I knew I wanted to be more involved in helping people. I wondered to myself, why don't I think I will cut it as a nurse? I believe I was holding myself back. So, I went to my community college and worked on my prereqs. A and P was challenging, but I was already familiar with the course because of my background. I got straight A's in all of my classes so far and am so excited to begin nursing this fall. I have several family members who are nurses, and I have a very good idea of what the career is going to entail, and I know I can do this.

    My biggest question in getting back into healthcare, has to do with the fact that the company that runs most of the healthcare in my area ran the nursing home I abandoned. If I were to, in my future, try for a job in a hospital that is run by the same company, will they deny me because of my rocky past? I'm sure they would have access to records that say I wouldn't be rehireable under this company. Not that I would blame them, but I have sincerely changed my life and have become a more responsible adult who is much more professional than the person I used to be. Is there any hope for me? Or will I have to drive to a further away hospital for work? I ask because I was hoping to start in my local hospital on a med/surg unit, or possibly another unit, who knows. I am just wondering what some of you might think of my situation. I might have made a bad decision back then, but I am ready to have a career that I know I will love, despite the challenges I will have to face.

    Apologies for the long story!
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    Yes, they can decline to hire you because of your past or for any other reason. Whether or not they will decline you is anybody's guess.