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  1. Hi. My name is Lee. Just wanted to briefly introduce myself. I'm an RN working in inpatient psychiatric care. A mature nurse I have had previous careers as a construction worker and in small business.

    I am working as an Asst. manager on a secured psych unit. I'm very interested in Best practices in psych care and in what others are doing to service their clientele. I am also interested in what others are doing to promote healthy culture within their staff.

    I am also pursing a BSN degree online. This is helping me to become more disciplined. Educational interests are for an APN degree and healthcare management.

    I have a family including a nine year old son. Personal interest include biking canoeing travel and swimming.

    My tag here is Connate 5. I look forward to our online discussions.
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    welcome to allnurses, lee !
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    Welcome to All Nurses