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  1. cheers everyone! i am an rn from new york city....(orignally from toronto,ont.canada) i had recently relocated to the bright lights and big city.
    i am an oncology and med-surg. nurse. i have been an rn for 5 years now, and i love what i do. the combination of having a split floor on my oncology unit @ the hospital has alot of advantages ( 30% are oncology cases, the other 70% are from all over the hospital; med-surg, post-op, icu, etc). i also supervise per-diem @ a long-term/rehab facility and i enjoy doing that as well.glad to be a new member!

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    Hello and welcome to allnurses. Looking forward tou see you post in the future.
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    Welcome to All Nurses
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    Welcome to allnurses!