1. Hello everyone. Figured I would finally take the time and introduce myself. Let's see, I'm married to one of the most wonderful men on the planet! Not only does he support my decision to go back to school and get my ADN, but he has even agreed to help me study (even if he doesn't understand the material). I have 3 beautiful children, 2 girls and 1 boy (all teenagers).

    This will be my second career. I actually was accepted into an ADN program that was to start Fall 2010, but due to personal issues had to give up my spot right before the semester started. It turned out that that was a good idea, because in December 2010, my mother was diagnosised with Pancreatic cancer. I was thankful for my pre-nursing classes, because it enabled me to ask more in-depth questions to my mother's doctors and to help explain the medical jargon to my family.

    On March 17, 2011(after 6 weeks of chemo and radiation) my mother had a Whipple procedure done and the cancer was completely removed. To say our family was elated would be an understatement. Unfortunately, it seems that she had an underlying case of chirrosis (non-alcholic, same as her maternal grandmother) we never knew about and she went into liver and kidney failure. Seems the chirrosis, plus the stress of the cancer, chemo, radation, surgery, and everything else she went through was too much for her body. She passed away August 9, 2011.

    After being one of her main care takers, besides my step-father, I decided I wanted to get back into the nursing program and finish what I had try to start in 2010.

    I learned a lot from the nurses that took care of my mother through her whole ordeal, including the wonderful nurses that were there with her, her final days.

    I hope that once I get my RN, that I can have half the passion and compassion those wonderful nurses had.
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    hi mama_cashew! welcome to allnurses!

    good luck with school!
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    Thank you! I am excited to start my new path and have already been checking out books that present NCLEX questions so I can get used to a new format of testing.
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    Welcome and goodluck with school