1. Greetings to everyone in this Blessed Field. It is my first time and I look forward to reading and communicating with you. I have so much to say about my chosen profession and hopefully in some way can be an encouragement to someone who is suffering from pain, anxiety, discouragement or any other ailment. My strength through all my trials have been rooted and grounded in my faith. None of us are exempt from trials or test. I have often said that anything that does not destroy us can on the other hand make us better. In addition there can be no testimony without the test and all test in this lifetime come without any failure. Some test we may have to repeat because the lesson was not learned. Other test of higher magnitude and longsufferring are simply what I have heard others proclaim as "stories for glory". There are so many things I would like to share with you. I could start but never finish. But for now, I would simply like to say, Hello and be encouraged. Through all my trials, pain and tears, I can still say.....Thank You.

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    Thanks for the introduction. Welcome!