1. Hellow out there to my Fellow Nurses!!! So very nice to find this web site -- lots of interesting threads! Looking forward to meeting & sharing with many of you :spin:
    My Specialty areas are Mental Health & Chemical Dependency. I have med-surg experience, but all I ever wanted to do was Psychiatric Nursing. Been a Nurse for a Proud 20 Plus years!!! Time sure does fly...
    I am presently between jobs/positions, since I've had major family losses in the past one & half years - my Dad, my Sister & then April15th my Mom; extremely difficult emotional time. Focused on re-gaining my bearings/stability/center right now. Though I have been 'spiffing' up my resume in respect to a position I'm interested in pursuing --- will have to gage how I'm feeling...... Work has always been 'therapeutic' for me in the past.
    So enough said once I get started, can I 'talk' LOL

    Thanks for 'Listening' Luvteddybears
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  3. by   donsterRN
    You've certainly had your share of challenges and loss recently; I'm sorry for that. We are happy you joined us... Welcome!
  4. by   Tweety
    Thanks for introducing yourself. Welcome!