1. Greetings Everyone! This is my first posting so just wanted to introduce myself. Have been a nurse (LVN) for about 9 years and am waiting to get accepted into the ADN mobility track in June or August--have applied to two schools (so keep your fingers crossed for me!). I am a full time mom and wife, my husband is a coach so a lot of the times it's just me and the girls--yea 3 girls--ages 6 & 10 (step daughter, not twins!). I am getting kind of nervous though, how do I juggle being a full time student with a family--gonna be hard! Anyway, I'll be popping up here and there with you guys. I look forward to "meeting" you!

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  3. by   EricJRN
    Welcome, Miztee! Glad to have you. Best of luck!
  4. by   donsterRN
    Welcome to all Nurses, Miztee; we're glad you're here!
  5. by   Tweety
    Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. Welcome to Allnurses!