1. Hello Nurses,

    I have just discovered this great site. I am searching for solice in my fellow nurses and nurses-to-be. I was an ICU nurse for 7 years and obtained my Master's and NP in 2002. I started my new career in an Internal Medicine Practice and in the beginning of my 2nd year had a spinal cord injury and was abandoned with a practice of 3000 patients. The nightmare progressed to a complaint against my license, an investigation, mass deception by my employees and former physician supervisor and resulted in the surrender of my license. I was too sick and disillusioned to fight so I gave up. I hate everything about how this evolved and ended my career. There i s a 4 year sanction on my surrender and only 1 year has passed. Although I like my job now, I feel like a part of me was yanked out because I can no longer be a nurse. Now I have had neurosurgery and have recovered well. I am strong and ready to fight the false accusations and PROVE my points. It is really hard to find someone to help when you are broke and no longer have any malpractice money to spend on attornies I have been self-educating on the laws and the ethics of the whole thing. This website will be another resource to help me deal with my situation and hopefully, stay in touch with the nursing connections I miss so much. I hope there are some non-judgemental souls out there for support and maybe even some resources who have some helpful knowledge or resources.

    Good to be here,

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  3. by   EricJRN
    Welcome to the site! While we can't give you legal advice here, you will find a ton of supportive people. I'm sorry for the bad experiences you've had recently.
  4. by   erichRN
    There is NOTHING as difficult as being forced to fight for yourself against those to whom you would normally turn to for solace and support. It is and will be a very difficult battle(s). You will need incredible strength and resolve to see it through. I know that there are those kinds of people here that will be an encouragement to you in your struggle. Keep coming back. God bless you.
  5. by   Tweety
    Best wishes. I hope things go well for you.