1. hello everyone:

    i am a newly certified nurse assistant in the state of california. i didn't know what to expect when i started my first job, but i never doubted myself or my abilities. well, that was then. i've been working for one-month and i don't feel so invinceable any more.

    i thought i was lucky landing a job in a hospital, as opposed to a ltc facility. a few of my peers took jobs working at the medical center where we completed our clinicals. i felt so overwhelmed working with people in so much need. i thought working in a hospital, where patients are rotating more frequently, i would get around working with contractures and other awful things associated with ltc facilities.

    i joined to here how other workers are handling issues on the job. i am new to game and that makes me very vulnerable to the elements. i have always felt that i have what it takes to be a great nurse. i don't want to become disillusioned and lose my focus of becoming an rn.

    so, to make a long story short. you will hear from me quite a bit in the next few weeks. i have a lot of questions and i am eager to learn.

    good luck to all the "angeles in training",

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  3. by   Tweety
    Welcome to Allnurses. Good luck to you!