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  1. hi, folks

    just joined. am a 50+ unclaimed treasure from auz. delighted to have found this site. have travelled quite a bit and worked in a few interesting places. was born in ireland, worked in the uk, scotland, ethiopia, iraq and saudi arabia. have vegged out in europe, alaska, california, new york, massachuttusets, srilanka, india nepal, malaysia, singapore, new zealand and a few more spots. have my sights set in south america and wish to dip my toe in the antartic and see the big penguins.

    presently work as a community rn 3 days a week, go to uni one day a week and do some w/e work at hosp maintaining acute icu skills. my subject is adult ed and find it very useful when facilitating new employees, those that are interested in life long learning and also support our neophytes.

    am passionate about nurse education, simply love facilitating learning as many times i learn more. presently need help to help students from asia as they do find it difficult with the australian colloquialism (g'day mate, i' m crook nurse) or informal language. it is essential that they become familiar with it as this is how both the public and professionals converse. try as i might these students are very reluctant to ask questions when mentoring them.
    has anybody got some tips, or does anybody know of any studies that have been done which could put me on the right tract to help me help them learn. i am very aware of the notion of ethnocentricism and avoid this by trying to get to know them and respecting and embracing their views and values. these students are very hard working and study a great deal, but it is still difficult for them as they are far away from family and friends.
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    I'm sure you have a lot to offer us on the various forums. Welcome!