Greeting from Alaska!

  1. My name is Christine, I'm in my first year of nursing school and will graduate in 12/05. I'm married with 2 boys and I'm enjoying nursing school and stillhave so much more to learn! Looking forward to coming here and interacting with other nursing students and nurses.

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi Christine - whereabouts are you? We were stationed at Ft. Greely from 86 to 88 and really loved it!
  4. by   jnette
    Hi there Christine ! Welcome to ALLNURSES !!!

    And there's a nurse named Deb (Smiling Blue Eyes) who I just KNOW is going to want to talk to you about Alaska !!!
  5. by   ChristineAk.
    Ah, Alaska is great! Right now we are having a beautiful day, since the solstice was yesterday, the days have been extra long. I live in Anchorage, but have lived in other communites around the state. There are a couple things I don't like about Alaska though, the long cold winters and being so far away from the rest of the states.

  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    christine, welcome to board!