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    My name is Udom from Thailand. I am a new member of this site. I am a graduate Nurse who graduated nursing from the Community college of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have the temporary Nursing license for PA. I will take NCLEX Exam on April 27,2005. I have EAD base on Student optional practical training valid until 05/24/05 and my F-1 visa base on my I-20 with complete studies not later than 05/05. Now I work as Graduate nurse at Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh.

    I need some help here. I have problem with my time frame of my VISA here. If I pass the NCLEX exam on April27,2005 then I have to apply VISASCREEN which will take about 2 months to get the approval. At that time my EAD(working permit) and VISA F-1 will expire before I can file the adjust status (I-140 and I-485). My EAD was based on Student optional practical training that by rule said it allows only 12 months which I have used all 12 months. If anyone have some idea about this,please help me. Do I can change status of my VISA from F-1 to some thing else to prevent my over stay in USA before I file adjust status?

    If I can not pass the NCLEX exam, what should I do. Do anyone can help me? My e-mail is

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