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  1. I've just found this forum today and after poking around a bit have realized that it will be a valuable resource for me. In a few days I will be submitting my application for the UCLA MECN program (Fall 2007 term) and am quite relieved that I'm done with all of the pre-reqs and I'll have a bit of a winter break. Now, I'll just have to deal with waiting for 4-5 months for them to make a decision about me, hmph.

    A bit about me...I'm 26, have a BA in Psychology from UCLA, and have now decided that I needed to go a different route. If per chance any of the UCLA MECN Fall 2006 students come across this post, please reply and let me know how its going so far!

    I look forward in advance to all of the answers I will receive in reply to my many questions about the field, so thanks!
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    Nice to meet you. Good luck in all that you do!