going to graduate this october!!!

  1. :mortarboard:hi everyone! im going to graduate this october and i hope joining this group would help me in this new career. i am currently a respiratory therapist working and studying at the same time. im so happy that the days of almost having no sleep and then attending class with eyes swimming with tears from not sleeping is over!!! hope you would help me with my questions....thank you!!!
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    right now im a respiratory therapist but im going to graduate this oct. with a BSN degree


  3. by   patrichi
    hi it's me again...is the NCLEX online application complete? is it better to get an NCLEX packet from the state you are applying from than printing the application on line? help...i got confused about those fingerprint cards...thank you so much to the one who will answer me
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    Welcome. Good luck to you!
  5. by   patrichi
    thank you!