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  1. Hello! I am a new nurse in AL, graduated last May and licensed in June. I have just finished up a year at my facility and would like to start working toward my first certification (critical care nurse). I currently work on a critical care unit. I'm wondering if any of you all with this certification used anything to help you study as you went through the two years before sitting for certification and what that study help was... I saw several on the website, but want to make sure I get what I need the first time. Thanks!
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  3. by   ILUVERNSG
    CCRN Review by Joanne Gasparis Vonfrolio. She is very smart and hilarious. Her real life patient stories will help you remember critical care concepts and she has a great way of breaking down difficult areas such as cardiac and neuro. I used her materials to pass the CCRN and CEN exams. I listened to her CDs over and over, did her multiple choice question book and used the Core Curriculum for Critical Care Nursing as a reference. That was all I needed.
  4. by   PICU-Murse
    I feel like it is hit and miss. Different people I work with have done different things to prepare. I feel as though the longer years of experience you have, the less you will need to learn and/or study. I took it at about 5 years ICU experience without studying and passed CCRN without an issue. On the other hand, I work with multiple nurses that only had 2 years or so and they did a review course that they thought was helpful.

    Honestly, the most important thing here is to do it once you feel like you are ready. Cramming information to pour out during an examination in my honest opinion defeats the purpose of certification. If you feel you have a lot more to learn, learn it on the job not in a book or study program. Just my two cents.