Going back to nursing school...a little scared.

  1. Well, I have my BS in Psychology. I started off as a nursing student and was not a serious student. I guess I like the freedom of being away from home and trying to be laid back with my studies thinking I would have more fun this way (I was a honor student in HS). It's been 3 years since I graduated from college and I've had dead end jobs...in fact I'm a nurse recruiter/coordinator right now for a staffing agency! Well, I realized my heart is nursing. I love everything about being a nurse, the schedule, knowledge, and the rewards. So, I've been looking into fast track programs in Chicago. I hope I get in. I've been studying for the NET...and a little afraid my GPA will not get me in. I have a 2.66 cum (need a 2.5) and a 2.40 in sciences (need a 2.5). As you can tell, I had too much fun in college and was unmotivated. I lived for passing the class not doing my best. Well, now I'm all grown up, motivated and learned from my mistakes. Please email me if you graduated or are attending any nursing school in the Chicago area....in the fast track program.
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  3. by   angel337
    sorry monica, i read your other post first. if you want you can pm me and i can give you the real deal about the best schools in the chicago area. i know because i researched just about every school before i decided to go to west sub.
  4. by   manna
    I don't have any advice - but welcome to allnurses, and good luck!

    Maybe try taking some classes over if possible to help your GPA?