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  1. Hi lilyrn. May God bless you as he has blessed me. I am praying for you to be an RN. I was happy to recieve your email. And I believe you chose the correct answer. (It can create and support combustion.) You were right to recognize the saftey component on your exam, that is the key to doing well on the nclex. Recognizing what nclex category you are faced with, within the particular question, as well as how to use the nursing process to select the correct answer. On this exam, in order to receive passing results, it doesn't matter how many questions you answer, what matters is that the computer shuts off when you were answering at least 50% of your questions correctly, over the passing standard line. The CAT is designed to find that point for each individual, if at that point you are above the passing line, then you pass, if you are below, you fail.The Brn posts results on the rn.ca.gov website within 2-4 business days after you take your exam. This holds true in the majority of cases, and you will see your name posted, with RN behind it, and your liscense number. For instance if you are missing some paper work, such as your school has not sent the transcripts over to the board yet, or you have not completed your live scan, the board will not issue you a liscense right away. But due to cut backs, the CA board is short staffed, and have been slightly delayed in posting results. The board posts news updates on nscbn.org. I took my exam on 3/18, and checked the site everyday, for 11 days, until finally I saw my name appear on 3/29 at 4pm. It is nerve racking to wait for the results. Also it is hard to tell the exact amount of time it will be to receive results. If liscensed you should recieve your results in 10-14 business days. Failing results can take up to 3-4 weeks to get in the mail.All I can say is have faith in our Lord, and he we will serve you justice, because God is good. And I have you in my daily prayers my dear. God bless.

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