God Fearing Nursing Student in the Spot!

  1. hello all. i have just hopefully completed fundamentals(waiting for finals grade). never thought nursing would be such a challenging major. i have really gained a very close relationship with god through this process. please anyone out there who reads this message keep me in your prayers during this trying time and i will continue to pray for all the people who have gone and are going through this experience. also feel free to pm me at any time.thanks and god bless!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good luck to you.

    Read the NCLEX forum sometime, it's a very spiritual experience for many people when they pass.
  4. by   nurseangel47
    Hi Blackberry4eva:
    As an oldie here, I can relate to the part of nursing being such a challenge!
    The cool thing about it is this: always new things to learn and you keep growing as a professional and as a person in this field.
    You sound like a sweetie. I like the part about God and prayer.
    Wish others felt as strongly about it and it was more accepted than it has become in this "politically correct" world! Geeee!
    I will pray for you, also. Take care!