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  1. hi! i'm originally from dumaguete city, but now im in tagum city. i'm a 2nd courser, i already got my degree in bba - mgt. i was with glaxosmithkline for about 8mos as a medical representative and with greenwich pizza corporation for 3 1/2yrs as a manager.

    and now i joined the bandwagon, back to school! i should have done this a long time ago but hey i never actually think that i would go back to school and become a nurse and study, study, study... but here i am...

    well, hope to get more info's and updates and tips esp how to pass the local board exams. lolz

    btw im on my 2nd year now...

    thanks! hope to hear from you all soon...
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    Welcome. Be sure to check out our International Forums and Philippines Nurses forums here.