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  1. I'm a Canadian RN now working in a North Carolina NICU. I graduated from an Ontario Diploma program in 1988 and worked in Pediatrics and level 2 PICU for almost 14 years before switching to NICU. I like what I am doing now, but I must admit that I do miss the kids and the variety that you get in Peds. I am planning on staying here a few more years and then heading back to Canada or maybe going to work in the UK. It was, in fact, my looking for information about working in the UK that brought me to this board. Nice to meet you all...
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    HI! Welcome to All Nurses!
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    Welcome aboard.....grab a cup o'joe and start typing!!!
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    hello & welcome. my name is angela and i am from the hills of sw virginia. hope you enjoy i am sure your input will be valued.

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