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  1. I was here as a new grad about 10 years ago. Neat to come back and see how many have joined and how much I can relate now that I am a "seasoned nurse". Anyway, supposed to take the PBDS for a new job and was shocked to find out all the controversy about this test. Now my excitement has turned to "Oh my God". I mean, I was asked to interview for a great opportunity because of the reputation I have built for myself as an experienced nurse in the community. Actualy had a physician call the DON and ask her to "hunt me down: for this position. Now I'm facing this PBDS thing and based on the other member's comments in the forums I am thinking WOAH...!!!! I was told to review like for NCLEX. Think it will help? Any other suggestions. I really like this hospital system and the people are great, including the physician who was key in "hooking me up". Now I wonder if I will look like a dumb *** on paper. :hatparty:
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    Hello and welcome to allnurses!
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    Hello and Welcome!
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