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  1. [font=Comic Sans MS]I got a news letter on my email and got interested in a topic (Are CNA considered nurses?)I joined to be a able to voice my opinion. I am a foreign graduate and new RN in US. Although, I have been a nurse for 11 years in my country. I am starting all over again as a nurse. My name is Pauline, 34 y/o, I am in southwest Indiana. I worked as a CNA while waiting to be an RN. I love working as a CNA and I have so much respect for CNA. I can't deny that, when I first started, my heart bleeds when I had to go to CNA training, doing all the dirties, runner and provide what resident needs. Follow orders from RN, LPN and even QMA who acted like nurses when the RN's are not around. It was tough at first. Sometimes, I would ask myself, I went to Nursing school for 4 years and another 3 years for MA to do this?? I considered everything as a period of learning, I know God has plans and now that I am an RN, I really earned being a NURSE.
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    Welcome to all Nurses, Pauline!
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    Thanks! Children are blessings
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    hullo hullo ,, :hatparty: hope u have a great time here.
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    welcome to the little group..............