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  1. Hello to all who frequent this board. I have been lurking for awhile and after some problems with logging on, decided to say hello to all who have been informing and entertaining me.

    Long story short.....ex-agency nurse who got canned from a decent paying job because she took a week off without pay to be with her family over the 4th of July holiday. Gave them over a month notice and worked every weekend in June to help out and make up for taking the time off in July. Water under the bridge now........BUT

    Nobody seems to want to hire me now. Could it be my age???????? :redlight: Quite frankly after hoofing it on the floors and undergoing two separate surgeries (hernia and rotator cuff repair) working on the floor is not attractive anymore.

    So now I plan to go back to get my BSN soon :mortarboard: ,but in the meantime, thanks for listening. Glad to be aboard and talking to people who have been there, done that!
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    Welcome to all-nurses....
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    Good luck to you. Welcome!