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  1. Hi everyone, I am 21 and I want to be an RN. My university has a very impacting BSN program so I am going to get an ADN at a local community college. I was wondering if there are such nurses as forensic nurses. I wanted to be a coroner, and then I discovered how much schooling was involved, so a field in forensics was my second option. I just hope I can get my prereq classes and be able to get into nursing school. If there is such a shortage in nursing, how come nursing schools are only accepting 25% of applicants??? Any advice from any nurses, forensic or if they are called something else, is greatly welcomed!!
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    "Impacting BSN Program"? Sorry, had to laugh, I've had some experience with patients with fecal impactions and had to snicker.

    Good luck!
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    [font=Comic Sans MS]I can't comment about the forensic nursing too much. I believe that in forensic nursing you may be dealing more with rape victims and such.

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    [font=Comic Sans MS]In regards to the shortage, it has to do with not having enough faculty to teach in the nursing school. Unfortunately nursing educators aren't paid their worth, so those RNs that would like to teach but can't afford to take a major pay cut.
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    [font=Comic Sans MS]Good luck with your pursuit! You'll like this website and it will definitely open your eyes to the world of nursing.
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