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  1. Hi Everyone, my name is Carol and I am a second level student practical nurse at an adult votech program. I have been a cna for about 15 years and decided it was time to move on up the ladder. I have three children ages 13, 7 and 5. I currently work part time as a private duty aide.

    I really need to let off some steam and get some feed back from other students who feel like performing seals in training. Let me just add that I have wanted to be a nurse for a long time now and am determined to get through this program! I get excellent grades but because we are always cramming I sometimes wonder if anything I am learning is sticking! We are half way through our ob/medsurg clinical rotation and I could just scream! We are at a great hospital in our area where the nurses are, for the most part, wonderful. It is the instructors and supposedly adult lpn program I am frustrated with. I have never been treated more like a child than I am right now. Example, tonight it was apparent that the nurses on the gyn unit were having a rough night, so much so that my classmates and I felt as if were underfoot and more of an inconvience than a help. Instead of pulling us off the unit and finding another clinical experience for us, our instructor told us to come to her with any questions we might have. Instead of answering us herself, she brought us along to bother the already busy nurses anyway. Several times tonight I caught the nurses rolling their eyes and trying to get away from our instructor, though I don't think she noticed. This is not the first clinical experience where we felt unwelcome and I wondered if the rest of you have had this problem with your own clinical experiences. I have to say that this nursing school program has soured me on going on for an RN. Anyway thanks for letting me blow off some steam. I actually feel a little better. Only six more months left to go. :hatparty:
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    Sounds like my school...We actually had one hospital who didn't renew the contract with our school to do our clinical rotations with them because the nurses who worked there hated our instructor. And every day after clinicals all of us felt humiliated, incompetent and less of a human being all because of instructors who slams door in our faces, tells us that maybe this is not the right career for us or who yells and reprimands us in front of other nurses. I dreaded clinical days especially with one particular instructor who favors some students than others. We get sent home for not having a name tag or not having our shoes polished or not having our nursing caps. I'm on Paxil now and I've never had an anxiety attack all my life. Plus half of the students in my class are on some sort of anti anxiety medications. It's tough and I endured this for almost two years but I'm graduating in a week and today was our last day of clinicals and for some weird reason I feel like I'm going to miss my instructors. I'd like to tell you it gets better but seriously it doesn't get any better until towards the end.
    Goodluck to you and keep your head up!
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    Thanks, it really does help to know there are others out there having the same experiences. Congrats on making it through.
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    I went to LPN school first and I can feel your pain. Please don't let your experience prevent you from going back for your RN. I went through a LPN-to-RN bridge program and it was a totally different world. We were all LPN's and every instructor I encountered treated us as peers...AS LONG AS WE DID WHAT THEY EXPECTED OF US. That being said, I honestly feel like I learn 75% of what I needed to know to be an RN in my LPN program. We had more clinical time in the PN program. For example, our OB/Peds book was at the RN level. I didn't even take OB/Peds in the bridge program and I passed boards without difficulty. And I am now working in L&D....

    Hang in there! And welcome to the board!
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    Your instructor couldn't find you another clinical experience because you were assigned to that unit. She should have taken you into the report area and used the time to give lecture material on the cases that were requiring the nurses attention that night.

    I remember one RN clinical group whose instructor seemed to think the staff and the patients were her performing seals or something. I had three out of my five beds occupied (I know its a rare occurence) but one bed was being held for someone having emergency surgery and was either going ICU or down to us. Would you believe this instructor was upset that the surgeons didn't work fast enough so her class could see what somebody who had lost a baby and required air ambulancing in for an emergency hysterectomy looked like? There are times and places for a learning experience but instructors need to know when to step back.

    Just remember that when you are working be kind to the students, we have all been there and know what you are going through.
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    Hi Carol, welcome to allnurses!!

    Hang in there, not too much longer to go!