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  1. hello everyone,

    i am in my first year of nursing school and just started my first clinical rotation. i have been coming to this site for the last 7-8 weeks but never posted because, until now, i had nothing to say. now i really need to let you know that this site is sooooooooo wonderful. there is a math test that all clinical students (at wcccd) must pass in order to continue in the program i did not pass it the first time (you get 3 chances) but i was able to get some information on medical math from this site that really helped me and now i'm able to continue in my clinical. this is a test we will have to take for every med-surg clinical rotation and i will continue to refer to this site for math and other help i might need.

    thanks to all of you out there.

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    Welcome to the site! We're glad it's helping you.
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    do you think you could send me that info?

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    Telegirl, check out out student section plenty of good info on maths in there
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    Good luck with school.
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    Welcome to allnurses and hope you enjoy the site. Good luck in school.